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Video phone translation with skype for customers

Calls using Skype has become so popular now, we are offering a live translation service as an add on for our VIP customers. Talk and see the ladies live, in a three way conversation, with a real time Russian/English translator. It's fun, useful, and is the next best thing to meeting the ladies in person. You can save time and money by getting to know the ladies before you even make your first meeting with them. In addition to the voice call, if you and the lady have a webcam you can see each other live, including the translator. It's the next best thing to meeting them in person.

If you do not know what Skype is, here is a quick explanation of what it's is all about. Skype is a small, free program that can be downloaded to your computer or notebook. If you already have build in speakers and a microphone, you are ready to go, otherwise you will need to purchase these, an inexpensive headset with a microphone will work just fine. Alternatively, you can purchase a Skype phone. Once you have these, and the other person has them too, you are ready to make calls (with video, as well, if both of you have web cams). The Skype software is free (can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes, even if your computer skills are very limited), the hardware equipment is usually included with new notebooks and computers, but if you don't have it, it's very cheap to buy from any computer store.

See the Skype.com website for more details on downloading the software and available phones.

Using the latest Skype software, it is possible to have three party conference phone calls, with video, which would include yourself, the ladies you choose, and the Russian/English translator.

If you have already purchased a VIP membership, uploaded your photo profile to us, and you have Skype installed and working then you are ready for the service.

When you want to make a reservation for a Skype call, just contact us via email telling us the most suitable times you are available to make the calls. For each call, give us a choice of at least 10 ladies. We will contact the ladies, show them your profile and provided they have Skype and agree, we can set up a translated voice/video call for you.

There is no time limit to these calls. Feel free to chat with the girl using the translator for as long as you like (within reason). After your VIP purchase your first call is just $10, thereafter $25 each.

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