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Sep 9 2015 14:14
Russian brides and reasons of their popularity.
It's common knowledge that Russian brides are the most popular brides in the world. What are the reasons for their popularity and why are Russian brides so attractive for foreigners? The reason for popularity of Russian brides among Americans and Europeans is that women in their countries are pretty self-sufficient and independent. Most of them are not interested in a family, indifferent to family values, they are keen to make a career and build their lives without a man. What can we do for those men who want to have a family, children and a happy home? Russian brides are so famous because they are very family oriented women who know how to create the conditions for fireside comfort. Cooking or cleaning for them is not a problem while the American wife not always be prepared to do it. Of course, cooking skills and the creation of comfort are not the main reasons for the popularity of Russian brides. What is important for men is taking care of it. The advantage of Russian brides is also the ability to compromise unlike American women, for which their own opinion is more important. The reason for this difference lies in the education of Russian women, who believe that the man is the head of the family and he is always right. The secret to the popularity of Russian women is that they are more patient and are often willing to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of the family. American women grew up in a democratic environment and are used to defend their opinion and position. For a Western women to be a housewife is the same thing that to be a janitor in our country. They are able to be happy only excelling in their profession. We can say that Russian women are more suitable for family life and for them the family is foremost.
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