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Russian Bride Agency

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Elena and Ashley
Dating site #2
Hello, "A Pretty Woman":
My name is Elena.
Thanks to your Agency I met a man from Australia. We came to love each other, and we are going to get married soon! Our acquaintance is a real miracle! We have realized that we were born for each other! And we met due to your Agency!
I live in Ukraine, in Kiev. We were in correspondence with Ashley for a year. Then he came to Kiev to meet me. He is a great person and a wonderful man, the man I had been waiting for all my life! Now I am the happiest girl in the world! Thank you for our happiness! ...

Russia is a country where you will find exceptionally beautiful, immaculately dressed, refined, educated, cultured and well mannered girls. One British tourist commented on his first visit to Russia while sitting at a resturant in Moscow: "The women walk as if they are poured into their pants". And in reality it really does seem true, their clothes fit perfectly." Although most Russian women usually earn far less that European and American women you will always find that they are meticulously dressed in public. Not only that, looking healthy, eating healthy and participating in a variety of sport, is very important to the majority of Russian girls. Every girl wants to look good. Sport, gym yoga is usually part of everyday life for a Russian girl. If you have never been to Russia you may be in for a very pleasant surprise if you ever venture to come to come to this country. Today it is easier and cheaper than ever before, with cheap filghts and easier visa regulations. Besides been physically some of the most beautiful girls in the world, Russian girls have a positive attitude toward life, dress impeccably, are very rational and thoughtful, as well as being elegant and sensual. They are educated, charming, natural and come from decent backgrounds. It is easy to start up a conversation with a Russian girl, as they are more open and trusting than women from western countries. Even though life in Russia may be tough at times, if you are sincere it can be easy to get the girl to open up and soon be engaged in an interesting conversation with her. Just be yourself, no need to pretend what you are not. Just being from a foreign country is a plus and a great start. At first keep the conversation light, keep smiling and be confident. You will get her attention and keep her attention. Focus on her, Russian women appreciate it when you notice things on her or about her. Look to see if she has any jewellery, earrings, necklace, bracelet or rings, and then compliment her on that. Be a good listener, let her talk about herself, and try to find out what is interesting for her and focus on that. If she likes every type of beauty treatment even if itís of no interest to you, just let her tell you all about it and pretend to be interested in it. A really great way to get to know a Russian girl is to take her Karaoke singing, you donít have to be a great singer, neither does she, so if you go to a restaurant that has Karaoke and then join in the fun you will find yourself having great fun while getting to know her, as well as enjoying the music. Moscow is full of restaurants with Karaoke music. Don't be shy with presents. It does not have to be expensive, rememeber it's the thought that counts. A surprise at the right moment will always be well received. Be prepared before you arrive, try to learn some useful Russian words and phrases. When you meet a beautiful Russian girl for the first time impress her. First impressions do count, they are important. You want that girl to be your princess, now go out and make her feel like a princess. Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world, she is your princess and you are willing to do anything in the world for her. On your first meeting present her with a huge bouquet of roses. Odd number of roses are traditional for such events. That all important first meeting, smile, be confident, act confident and look her in the eye. This is a good start to a healthy beginning, but you still need to keep the momentum. She is not your friend, you cannot sit back and relax, you need to continue to be vigilant and alert, you will be tested and there is no room for mistakes or backtracking. ther Get it right and you will have a gorgeous woman by your side for many years to come. Get it wrong and she will tell you about this other meeting she needs to attend in 15 minutes. Communication is critical, so its important that before you meet her that you fully understand her level of English. It may seem fine when you are chatting long distance using some chat program, but she may very well be using Google translate or some other translator to while communicating with you. You need to know beforehand what is her proficiency level of English, so that both of you are prepared for this during your first meeting. Even if she is fluent in English, itís still a good idea to learn a few Russian phrases, if you do not speak any Russian at all. During the conversation if you mention a few phrases from time to time this will sweeten the mood of the conversation. If she has at least some knowledge of English then an electronic translator will be a great help. If your phone does not have a translator installed make sure one is installed and that you have an internet connection either over the cellular network or wifi at the meeting place. This can work fine if her English is not fluent but rather intermediate. If her English is beginner or absolute zero, then you should think about getting a translator to be with both of you. During your meeting, not only is it important to keep the conversation going, its very important to keep it interesting for both of you. You need to find topics you both like to talk about. If you venture into a topic you feel she is uncomfortable with move onto another topic, if you are not sure just ask her. An ideal conversation is one where you both are participating 50/50. In other words you are doing 50% of the talking and 50% of the listening. This is not always the case, some people are good listeners, some people are good talkers, so you may complement each other. Again, it is important to try to access her feelings soon on, you don't want it to get boring for her. If you feel the conversation is getting a little difficult but you do not want her to lose interest, think about doing something together. Maybe go see a movie, or sing karaoke take a walk in the marked or shopping mall. Because you both have different native languages misunderstandings can happen, sometimes with consequences. This can even happen when two people speak the same language but are from different countries. For example, some words in British English have completely different meanings to American English, and mistandings can sometimes happen. Now with two completely different languages spoken at opposite ends of the world only exzasperates the problem and can further complicate matters when you are both communicating in a third language. Don't dispair, press on, this is life, this happens to all of us at some time or another. Of course, this is best if it does happen at all, but you should prepare yourself and you date that it is very possible that things can be taken out of context. This is even more compounded when you and her have different native languages and try to communicate in a third language. For example your native language is Spanish, hers is Russian and you both are communicating in English. So what do you do if it happens? You may not even know that either of you are offending the other party, until its too late. So this is where body language becomes important, and rectification needs to be swift and concrete. So you almost blew it, now you need to fix it. Unexpected pleasant surprises Be interesting will make you attractive and appear intelligent. If you know a lot about many things you probably are intelligent. Talk about your experiences. If you are here with your Ukraine date, chances are you have done some travel and have some experiences you a can talk to her about. Animals, nature, pets. Plenty to talk about here. Express yourself with passion and common sense. Showing enthusiasm about a subject or topic inspires your girl. If you like something talk about it. Lead donít follow, donít give in easily, Ukraine women are attracted to men that are decisive and can lead them. Being fearless and brave is attractive to women. 1296 23/05/2019 Competition with Ukraine men. You may wonder about how much competition there is from local men or men younger than yourself when searching for a Ukraine woman. Testimonials
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