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If a woman cries
If a woman cries - guide for men.

"If a woman cries" - Guide for men

- Firstly you should decide whose woman is crying. If she is already someone's girlfriend, it would be dangerous to cheer her up. If she is single, you can handle over the situation and do everything to make her smile. So now, if a woman continues to cry,- it becomes quite clear that she is crying from happiness.
women to marry
Why do men marry some women and not others?

How do you pick a partner?

How do you imagine him and what type do you want him to be? How do you see him, when a rose and candy stage ends and you take off rose-colored glasses ?. Probably every person after half a year of dating (of course when everything is fine,new and wonderful) would ask himself: Can I live with this person? Will I be able to trust him or her and communicate in the same way? Can i see further relationship with him ??
different type of women
Type of girls and what it is likely to expect from women.

So, this article is for men.

Type of girls and what it is likely to expect from women.

And we would try to divide all women on different types to help men deal with women, to understand their strategy of behavior and what it is likely to expect from them.
On line dating benefits

On line dating benefits

In today's world it is getting more complicated to find a partner for marriage and serious relationships. This fact is caused by the following reasons: - Fast rhythm of life and lack of time - Some faults and failures in previous relationships and the fear of making new ones. - Inner human complexes, which are usually associated with the paragraph 2
Nothing brings people together like an opportunity to spend time together.

Nothing brings people together like an opportunity to spend time together.

For any couple (married and not) it is important to spend time together or have some hobbies, interests in common, no matter what they do.
How to make your girlfriend happy.

To make a girl happy, is it possible??

Women are pretty strange creatures: unpredictable, inconsistent, illogical. For a lot of men with their cast-iron logic, it is not clear and understandable. Yes, it is true. It’s really hard to understand girls. And it often happens that giving her a gift or saying something nice, she enjoys it and looks very happy. But repeating the same at the wrong time - she would cry. I am pretty sure that plenty of men experienced the similar thing in their own lives. Such situations often occur at the beginning of the development of relations, when partners are on the half-way in understanding and getting to know each other.
Best gifts for new girlfriend read our advices

It is very easy to choose a present for any girl.

But there's another question: would she like it? There are,certainly, lots of options for you. It can be cosmetics, perfumes, sweets, clothes, something related to her hobbies( which is definitely fun and exciting), jewelry, cars, fur coats and even a holiday trip. Everything depends on how well you know each other, how close you are and, of course, how much you can spend on your girlfriend(your budget). The main thing that she liked your gift, because you often can see quite unexpected girl's reaction on your gift. And i think,that it is something all men have fear for. Because you will never know how girl reacts and if she appreciates it.
Why strong women are alone?

Why strong women are alone?

The tendency of the relationships between men and women during the last 10-20 years are the following: more and more successful and strong women are lonely.   As a rule, these are women who had been married and divorced or not successfully married. However, in 50% of cases there are women with a children. These women are full of advantages. Usually, they are successful in their careers, self-confident, well-groomed and beautiful. It is hard to surprise such women  and very little to offer. And as a result - they are alone and lonely.
meeting a girl for the first time

Meeting a girl for the first time

If you decided to meet with a girl. So, if you got acquainted with a girl online and communicate through Skype for a long time ( for three or more months), there would, probably, occur a question about  meeting with the girl.
How to apologize to a girl. Most popular ways

How to apologize to a girl. Most popular ways.

In any relationship sooner or later comes such a moment, when one of the partners feels "guilt". And more often that they are both guilty and both are to blame. But as a rule, the first to reconcile is the partner who feels guilty more than his better half.
How to make a girl fall in love in inernet.

How to make a girl fall in love in inernet.

Why is it so easy to fall in love in the Internet?   Each of us (guys and girls) had the experience of online dating in his life at least once. Have you ever wondered why everything seems easier, brighter and more interesting in the Internet? Thus, it is much easier to fall in love.
Skype -is the ideal form of communication for online dating.

Skype communication and our advices.

Skype -is the ideal form of communication for online dating, especially if you are getting acquainted with a girl or a guy from another country. It is hard to imagine how couples communicated through letters, phone calls and meetings just 30 years ago. Now everything is much easier. Talking to a girl on Skype gives you an opportunity to know her better and understand her personality, which will make it clear whether to continue dating or not. Although there may be some minuses: Skype would never substitute a real meeting , of course.  And one of the common obstacles can be a language barrier.
Russian girl names and meanings

Russian girl names and meanings

Russian language belongs to the group of Slavic languages. However, many Russian names are not truly Russian. Primarily, it is connected with the historical events. Originally, the names were borrowed from Greek language both with Christian religion. Typically, they were related to the people’s characteristics, their features and drawbacks. Then, under the influence of Christianity, Greek names were supplanted by religious ones. After the October revolution, many names had ideological character, e.g. Revmir (Revolution of the World). Later, during the industrialization period there were popular such names as: Rem (Revolution, electrification, mechanization), names of foreign novels: Alfred, Rudolf Arnold; also names, which represented flowers: Lily, Rose and Aster.
Free dating sites and commercial dating sites. All ways to find girl.

Free dating sites and commercial dating sites. All ways to find girl.

Russian brides are very popular among American and European men. We have already discussed the reasons of this fact in our previous blog (the link on Russian women and American men) So let’s discuss which ways of acquaintances exist. The most widespread, fast and low-cost variant – is dating websites Free dating sites - are the internet communities, where you sign up and log in. Then you fill in your profile page, upload photo and afterwards you go in a free floating (in other words –you choose girls and communicate, make friends etc.) This type (format) of websites and communities is suitable for men, who have plenty of free time. Usually, they look for girls for communication and entertainment. On free sites, by the way, some services are usually partially paid. There is another annoying factor - a large number of advertisements. Therefore, if you are looking for a girl for fun – then go for it.
Why are the Russians so popular among American men?

Russian brides and American men

The relationship between Russian women and American men is a topic, which is still relevant and popular for about last 20 years. I suggest finding out the secret of popularity of Russian girls and American lads (and vice versa). Our agency has an experience for more than 20 years in the field of online dating. Based on our experience, we have made the following conclusions. So why are the Americans looking for the Russians?
Starting a conversation with a girl online.

Starting a conversation & online dating

What can be easier than starting a conversation with a girl online? You sit in a habitual and comfortable atmosphere. And what could be easier, it seemed? Let us analyze all the details in order. First thing – this is your profile. And we have already discussed about it in our blog. That is why you should pay attention to the filling in of it. You shouldn’t start writing messages with so trite and widely used phrases like: “how are you” or “hi, can we get acquainted?” Usually such messages remain unanswered. First of all you should look into girl’s profile page, find out what she is interested in, at what stage of life she is and is she married or in the relationship. It is possible that she is not interested in dating or she’s online once a month. Thereafter you can proceed to online conversation.
Divorced women - all about relationships

If you are dating a divorced woman

Dating a divorced woman and a woman who has not been married is not the same thing at all. As a rule, advantages are that women after divorce are already familiar with subtleties of marital relationship. They are ready to be responsible and accept obligations. Such girls understand that marriage is chiefly a hard work on the relationship.
How to attract women in internet?

How to attract women’s attention?

It is something that we have previously discussed on our blog. In this article we want to tell you how to make friends with girls online. Here are some tips on how to attract women. Let’s start with your profile. It should be filled out in such a way to interest her. First thing, which draws attention is your photo, of course.
Men will not get or some mysteries things about women.

Men will not get or some mysteries things about women

In this article we analyze the most common female problems, which remain a mystery for men. So, here's our list: 1. Heels. Undoubtedly, a girl on high-heels looks very nice, elegant and sexy, but sometimes it can be extremely painful. To wear high heels during a whole day is a feat, truly. Of course, a girl in sneakers or on heels has a completely different look, but sometimes it is not worthy to exhaust yourself. Especially if it’s not a first date.
Dating with middle aged woman. Best advice for men.

In these latter days middle-aged women choose younger men. The age difference between men and women is becoming less important.
What attracts men and women in an unequal relationship because of age?

iddle aged men prefer younger women. In our society it is a common situation. What attracts men and women in an unequal relationship because of age? Let’s consider the situation from each part. Relationship with a younger woman has a favorable effect on a man. Psychologists noticed that men pay more attention to their appearance, do sports regularly. Success in love life is the best cure for the middle - age crisis. What about women? There is the widespread opinion that relationship with older man is nothing more than a marriage of convenience. It’s not completely true.
Russian brides and reasons of their popularity.

It's common knowledge that Russian brides are the most popular brides in the world. What are the reasons for their popularity and why are Russian brides so attractive for foreigners? The reason for popularity of Russian brides among Americans and Europeans is that women in their countries are pretty self-sufficient and independent. Most of them are not interested in a family, indifferent to family values, they are keen to make a career and build their lives without a man. What can we do for those men who want to have a family, children and a happy home?
Questions to ask a girl.

A lot of men are interested in questions to ask a girl. As a rule, such men have a lack experience with women or may have had a negative experience during a conversation with them. Right questions to ask a girl help you to learn more about the girl, to avoid awkward pause when there is no topic of conversation. But it should be noticed that it is not necessary to ask one question after another. Sometimes it is better to wait a bit and give the girl a chance to ask questions too. If you do not do it, it will look like an examination in court or an interview.
Long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship an important factor regarding the subject of online dating, so in this article we are going to consider how to keep long distance relationship and what they bring. Features of long distance relationship Some people check up on their partner and maintain long distance relationships with the help of virtual communication. Others are forced to live far from each other, for example, if the work involves frequent business trips. The main feature of relations apart is that people do not have physical contact. Based on this we can define all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of relationship.
How to impress a girl? Most popular ways.

How to impress a girl? Men sometimes do not understand how to do this. Conduct a cheerful conversation. You do not need to talk to her about books, art or something like that. All you need is to be able to talk to a girl and make sure that the conversation does not bother her. Do not forget ask questions and continue the conversation on her reply. Pay her compliments. But do not cross the line, otherwise it will be obvious that you are in love with her. Make it a rule to pay one good compliment. She will appreciate it. Have fun together. Even if you are not boring with her, a cheerful atmosphere will help you to cosy up. If you think that she will not be comfortable doing something funny just with you, then gather a group and invite her. Try to make sure that both of you have fun. At least then it will be a talking point.
How to build a sound relationship or stages of amorousness.

How to build sound relationships? This question arises in pairs when the first phase of euphoria and love has gone. There are some stages of a relationship which the beloved have to come through: •Period of dating and love or stage of amorousness; •After it - a period of affection and getting used to one another, also it can be called a period of home; •And the stage of mature relationship.
Why hobbies are so important for women?

For woman her hobby is very important part of life, which helps to relax, forget about her problems, work or just stop and smell the roses. Once I've noticed that despite the wide variety of hobbies for women most of them still spend their free time watching TV, playing computer games, talking on the phone about the vicissitudes of fate and so on. In my opinion, doing all that stuff you only kill your time, and it does not lead to a healthy lifestyle in any way. Watching soap operas and reading love stories, which also can be related to women's interests , as a rule, do not bring a good time, rather the opposite. Actually, in a perfect world your pastime may be not only the method of relax but also the source of income. It is not so complicated to choose your hobby. First of all, you need to listen to your heart. What do you really like to do? What are you interested in? Well, if you can’t answer, the psychologists advise to choose a hobby, basing upon the day job and the features of your character. For example, If you have a confining job, the best way is to choose some active kind of activity. There are several hobbies you can be interested in:
How to break up with a girl.

“How to break up with a girl” is also very popular question after “how to meet a girl”. First of all, you have to ask yourself “should I break up with my girlfriend?” if you are sure that the moment of parting has came then you need to think how to do it in the best way. If you do not plan to talk with her about your decision to maintain friendly relations, so there are next methods to break up with a girl:
A PRETTY WOMAN - Codependent relationships or how to stop being codependent.

here is a long list of things in codependent relationships, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, overeating, passion for shopping etc. Unfortunately, our society creates and supports different kinds of dependencies by means of aggressive and intrusive advertising. Today, it is difficult to find a person free of any dependence. According to some reports, approximately 98% of the population, in spite of the level of development and culture of the country, have some dependencies. Often people are not aware that they are dependent on other people for the relationships with them. Any form of dependence limits the rights and human development, it has a negative effect on personal relationships and life in general. However, we all depend on things, useful or not. But how do we understand whether our codependency is healthy or not? Below we’ll consider the term”a codependent relationship”.
Dating tips for women and girls

Dating tips for women and how to behave on a date. The most popular places for dating:
Honeymoon life: before and after

Honeymoon lasts from a year to 2.5, the sociologists say. Then the relations between newlyweds become more humdrum and trivial. According to the average European couple, family idyll after the marriage lasts exactly two years, six months and 25 days. This phenomenon also has a special name - a true honeymoon. After that life, the honeymoon period is over and family relationship loses its charm and romanticism. After 2.5 years, the spouses begin to stale and perceive their marriage as normal state of things. As a result, a holiday atmosphere disappears; men spend more time on the couch watching TV instead of helping women to work around the house. In its turn, the woman pays less attention to what she wears at home.
Controlling men the first signal to understand yourself.

Every wise woman, weather less or more experienced, should understand that controlling and "spying" on a man is not a option to keep him. It can only destroy the relationship. Trying to track down all his movements, is the wrong move. For what reason do you have a desire to do this?
Dating a woman with kids, what do men expect?

Dating a woman with kids: what do you need to be ready for, when you meet a woman with child? What are the greatest fears and stereotypes for men that associated with the woman and her kids? It seems that it was long time ago when women were totally depended on men and suffered from social inequality. Nowdays, beautiful ladies are independent enough, they raise their children, and even they are able to make a career at the same time. However, when it comes to marital status, single divorced man - it is a treasure, but divorced woman with kids - it is an object of empathy, gossips and ridicule. Do these women have a chance to find happiness in a second marriage?
How to flirt with a girl over the text.

How to flirt with a girl over the text, this is the question that boys are very interested in and the only way to learn this - start practicing. Flirting is one of the fundamental things in seduction. Knowledge how to flirt gives you more options and capabilities for seduction, and you begin to attract girls much more than before. Flirting is not too complicated basically, but it is in a theory. In practice, like as every skill, it requires practice. There is also can take place a situation when guys cannot understand whether she is flirting with them or not. So, how to understand that a girl is flirting with you? Such examples will be given and we will consider them.
How to talk to girls on the first date?

How to talk to girls? At this articles we’ll give some advice for men what to talk about with a girl. So what to say to a girl if we have first date or you would like to come to girl on the street? The first thing we should note is that it is the usual fear as any other, and that getting rid of it can only be through practice. Most likely you have already had the experience, when the girl you refused and then you become less confident. Do not be so exacting to yourself. Everyone makes some mistakes and the best thing you can do to correct the error. Guilt and fear will not let you a progress. It's like a job, you're not upset because everyone lost customers? You know that made a mistake and start to fix it. The same situation with the girls. You must continue to meet new girls and believe that you 're lucky, so honing his skills.
Dating advice for women.

Dating advice for women or the perfect first date perfect time and the beginning of a new relationship. As corny as it may sound - by itself, it is probably the best way to ensure that you not only have a good time on a first date, but also receive an invitation for a second date. So read our best dating advice for women:
How to get a girls number.

How to get a girls number, this question disturbs most men. At first you have to be relaxed, remember if she doesn’t give you her number you can survive it. So sit back , because if you are tense and nervous as soon as she feels it and may think that with you that something is wrong. you have to approach a girl and show maximum charm. Establish eye contact , smile and come straight to it, to show what a great guy you are . If you want to continue a conversation with her , you have to make a lasting first impression pretty quickly.
Best places to meet women.

Is there a best place to meet a girl, is it exist? Yes. There are a lot. In this article we’ll give you some recommendations. So we believe some of the best places to meet women are:
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