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Are you looking to make some extra money, without any investment, without spending too much of your time and working when it suits you? Does this sound too good to be real?

No, not at all.The internet has brought all kinds of opportunities for people to communicate with each other, and with sharing information comes the potential to earn income.

If you have a web site, a mailing list, a publication or some other form of advertising your services or products you may want to include us in it. We will pay you a commission for every sale you generate for us.

So don't let your web site stand idle. Put our banner on it and start making money right away. It's quick, and it's easy, it does not take much time, and most of all it does not cost anything.

Its an easy way to earn extra money. You don't have to have a business. Most service providers are giving web space to their customers free when they sign up, so you can use this to your advantage. Promote your site, and promote ours, and make money all along the way.

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We offer you
Your benefit
Easy online registration
You will be ready to begin earning commission as soon as you sign up, your account is set up automatically. Just click the link to join, further down the page, select some banners you like, fill in the online form, place the banner code on your web page and you are ready to go.
Wide selection of
banners & custom photolinks
Many attractive banners with easy placement instructions for your web page, will add beauty and enhance your site. With our new custom photolinks you can easily design an attractive page of up to 200 photo thumbnails, photos that link directly to the lady's profile page, based on their popularity, or recently placed on the website, or a combination of both, you choose. We update every Friday with new faces, so your page(s) update every Friday, too, automatically. Because of this feature, your photolink is always up to date, you will never link to a lady that has been removed because she got engaged or married
Email confirmations
on every referred order
You are always notified, by email, as to the orders you are referring, regardless of how the customer is paying
Real time online
orders/sales statements
Review all your orders, and paid sales, anytime, online, and compare previous month's sales. All your orders and sales are shown
Vertical bar graphs of sales
Bar graphs give an immediate overview to see how your site is performing. Compare sales from previous months, years and month/year analysis
Vertical bar graphs of
Unique IP's (different visitors)
These graphs quickly show you if your site is getting more popular or not. Compare monthly trends or month against month over the years
Good commission structure
Commission is based on a generous percentage of the direct revenue you generate
Associate manager program
Allows you to earn commission on other affiliates you refer here. For example, if one of your visitors joins our affilites program and begins making sales, then you too, automatically, will get a percentage of his/her sales. You do not need to do anything extra. You can check your affiliates when you log in and see the sales they have made, at any time.
Periodic site reviews
From time to time our affiliate staff will visit your site for review, make recommendations, listen to your comments and ideas, if we feel that we can improve services to your clients, then commission rates will be changed, it never goes down, only up. We can also advise you which of your pages are productive and which are not, from real statistics. If you would like to arrange a review please contact us.
Monthly commission payments
Once your commission due reaches at least $50.00 you are ready to receive payment. With your online user interface you can set up your account, and change it online, as you please. You may want to be paid when your commission reaches $200.00, for example, or just request a payment, whenever you are ready.
Worldwide payments that suit you
It doesn't matter where you live, anywhere in the world. On payment date, USA residents will receive a cashiers check. Residents of all other countries will receive payment by company check payable in US dollars, or arrangements can be made to send money by bank wire transfer (SWIFT). If these options still do not suite you we have other options too, for your specific needs, please contact us for more information.
Proven track record
Since 1997 A pretty Woman has been operating an affiliate program with custom programmed, reliable tracking software that has proved itself and has many satisfied affiliates. The site was never modified to include affiliates, instead, the initial design concept included an associate program

Online service for affiliates
Any questions, queries, suggestions or complaints, contact us by email. With us, you are not simply another affiliate, you are part of our team, together we work for excellence, to keep you and your customers satisfied, happy and, of course, successful. We will work closely with you on a personal basis, for our mutual benefit
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