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Feb 1 2016 13:51
Why do men marry some women and not others?

How do you pick a partner?

How do you imagine him and what type do you want him to be?
How do you see him, when a rose and candy stage ends and you take off rose-colored glasses ?. Probably every person after half a year of dating(of course when everything is fine,new and wonderful) would ask himself:
Can I live with this person?
Will I be able to trust him or her and communicate in the same way?
Can i see further relationship with him ??

These same feelings are experienced by men too. They also ask themselves the same
So we propose to consider the following issues in paragraphs , which have a great
influence on married couple's life and partner's relationship in general. Analyze
these paragraphs precisely and carefully. It is likely that you will see yourself in
a certain point and understand where you need to work more on your personality.
The sense of marriage is (in addition to love and feelings to each other) that both
partners feel good and comfortable together.

Here's our list:

- You are boring. We do not mean that you need to entertain a partner.
Yes, you can watch same movies, meeting friends - and that is your after marriage life.
But except that, you should have your own life.There is a big choice -it can be work, hobby or friends ... Stop adjusting your life to your partner's life,as he got married with you not because you love him,but because he loves you .

- You are not interested in his life.
This is when you absolutely do not know how to listen and hear the partner. It's when you ask him "How are things at work?" His answer sounds simply as a background, you are not even into it.

What kind of relationship can be with him in the future if you have no interest to him now. And do not pretend if you do not care about his business and things at work. Here you need to think about whether it makes sense to continue the relationship.

- He cannot trust you. Wife - it's not just a pretty girl living with you, but also a friend and a partner.
If you share everything going on between you and him with the public - tell girlfriends about your relationships or immediately upload a photo session with comments on social networks,- the guy would have a desire to protect his privacy.
Imagine that he gets into a difficult situation and he has nobody to trust to, but you. Or that he is afraid to show his weakness, not to look like a fool in your friend's eyes.
It is difficult to please you

Whatever he does, you find a way to find something that you don't like, while he's doing his best to make you feel happy..

- If it is candies - why aren't in a box? If it's vacation - why is it to Crimea, but not to Egypt? He brought some food, but did
not put it down in the fridge. Talking about gifts - it is even harder, because he can never guess what you want.
How can he know what you wanted? And when he gifted you something- it is not what you expected at all.
Some men easily solve the problem. They do not give
gifts at all, or always gift their women the same presents - gold or money. Though then you would say that he has no imagination. And the matter is, that it's not because he is doing all wrong. But only because he is not doing it like you want. Eternally dissatisfied girlfriend criticizes his purchases, deeds, words. With such an attitude he does not want to do anything for you or say.
There's always two sides of a medal. Even if your man really wants to make you happy,
he cannot do that. You have lost the habit to be happy. If you want to have good
relationships, learn to enjoy even to a small sign of attention.

-You do not believe in him. Family - is not a stake or bet in races. You can not predict whether your future husband would be successful, rich and healthy. It is also something that you can not require or demand from him. Nobody
can guarantee that there will be no rainy days and black stripes in your life.
Every person needs to have somebody by his side, who is going to believe in him: mother, teacher,leader, close person or an acquaintance. "I believe - you can" That's a springboard, starting from which we reach the new heights. Of course there are exceptions-breakthroughs of desperate singles, but we are talking about your best half and your relations. If you tell him: "I believe - you can", and the expression of your face reveals: "I know - you're a loser," then what kind of support can you give?
If you have made your choice, you know that this man is the best for you. Then you will believe in it, in yourself and in your future.

- You think that he owes you something.
If you are dating it does not mean that the man
has new responsibilities. Remember: there was a feeling first. Based on this tender feeling to you, the man decides whether to call you today, invite you on a date, to accompany home, fix your computer, or relax lying on the
couch. Women think differently: if we are dating, he is obliged to call or report where
he was, and when we meet or what we're going to do on the weekend. As long as you and your
thoughts have the words "owe" and "must" , there is nobody , who owes you anything. And forget about getting married at all. Will a normal person marry you to make a romantic love turned into the marital duties?i don't think so.

- He must give up a lot of things for you. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss how you want to live after the wedding. At least a man should understand that it is impossible to grow a strong family on the ruins. If a wife appears in his life, it does not mean that he has to break up with his friends, sports clubs, football, come home at quarter to seven with flowers and chocolate.
And it also concerns her. Wife should not sacrifice herself to family happiness, and cleaning up the house or cooking from morning till night . Marriage - is not a catastrophe, but the choice of adults. Of course, you have to give way and adjust yourself self to a totally different person, to tolerate something, within reasonable limits.
But these inconveniences -are just some little things in life and is a natural process from where a long married life starts.

Perhaps in some of these paragraphs you see yourself.

However, you should not blame anybody or feel guilty. The past can not be changed, as well as lost relationship too (although in some cases it is possible).
You should analyze your behavior and decide where you "went too far" or jumped the traces.
Work on yourself and try not to make mistakes twice. We all learn on our faults, so take it easy.And you'll be happy.

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