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different type of women
Jan 27 2016 16:10
Type of girls and what it is likely to expect from women.

Type of girls and what it is likely to expect from women.

And we would try to divide all women on different types to help men deal with women, to understand their strategy of behavior and what it is likely to expect from them.

Here are the main types of women:

1. Pretty & silly (also known as dolls).
You can call such girls differently, but the sense and meaning is the same. They are very attractive to the opposite sex. They remind us Barbie dolls or glamorous girls from famous magazines. They are always good looking, well-groomed, dressed in the height of fashion, always wearing dresses and high-heels.
They have their own behavior with men in the style of "clapping their eyelashes and sigh".
These girls look at their men as if they're gods, which is very pleasant for any man.
There is a question- what to do with them next??

Because these girls do not change, usually; and after the marriage or long-term relationships they are still interested only in how they look like. As a rule these girls are useless in every day’s life. And here is a decision for a man: what he wants from his woman - a beautiful companion, a keeper of the family hearth or a lover, mistress.

2. «Russian woman». This type of girls has strong character. She is like from a Russian fairy tale, can stop a horse on the go. She is courageous and enduring. If she is not married yet, she quickly manages to find a man, who is weaker than her. It is not a secret that such woman is energetic; she’s overachiever and workaholic.
She frightens man with her impetuous and hot temper. In the sexual intercourse, these girls are rarely endowed with an ability to be elegant priestesses of love, and this does not satisfy the needs of men. But this woman is good for a hard-working man, who is not very interested in sex games.

3. Home cat. This category of women has men's admiration of all professions and ages.
Home kitty is a great housewife, keeps the house perfectly clean and tidy. She cooks well.
However, after some time, a man starts to notice that the house cat, who is so active in daily routine, is almost always helpless in worldly matters. She cannot make for living, to afford anything herself or earn something for a decent living. But it is compensated with the fact that cat is always obliging. She may have a love affair on the side. And this is the reason why her man gladly hurries back home after work.
A well-minded man appreciates home kitty for the creation of comfort and gives her a lot of money with a pleasure (if he is rich enough).

4.Predatoress (or vamp woman).
It is the worst kind of woman. And only few men can live and contact with them. It's a rare case for her to live with a guy for a long time. With her arrogance and claims she makes everything clear what man should do and what he's obliged to do. That is why a rare lover or husband is able to bear and stand her pretentiousness for a long time. She believes that she was made for the worship, adoration and everyone should serve her, while she does not have to do anything to anybody. Vamp is smart, so sometimes it is difficult for a man to figure out who they are. Later, guys become aware that it is useless to fight with her, because she cannot accept a loss. She takes care of her man only when he gives her money and buys gifts. Typically, these women are not very sexy.
Though, they look really hot. They do not neither give nor require much tenderness or love from their men. They are always interested in the fact what a man has and how much money she can get from him.

5.Modest (or nice Nelly). These women are kind, noble and able to sympathize her man when he is in trouble. A thoughtful and devoted woman - is an ideal for a man.
After all, she can earn for a living herself, can feed him with a nice dinner, and do everything.
In the long and the short of it, this woman will satisfy all men's requests, she forgives him his drunkenness, relationships with other women, scandals, her tears.
Moreover, she is waiting for him and forgives. Who knows, maybe it is their fate, the purpose of these devoted women?

6.Business lady. Women of this type are good workers. They are able to earn money; they're businesslike, energetic and erudite. They consider themselves independent. Hence, here are the symptoms of arrogance and excessive self-sufficiency. These traits in women rarely impress men.
Only few of these women know how to cook well, they refer it to the fact that they're not very good at it. But more often they say they are too busy.
They do not think about that there are not only them, who worthy the attention and admiration, but men are worthy as well.

Eventually, they start to realize that money cannot buy happiness. And to be obsessed only on her work - is unsafe.

Therefore, some of girls transform into other types of women (into ''nice Nelly" or "Home cats").

I need to highlight one thing,- it is rarely, that in every woman lives only one and particular type. Every woman gets several types, but some of them are more dominant and seen.

So, guys! Do not dream or expect the ideal girl. It's impossible!

Think in advance which drawbacks and minuses you can handle in your girl to live up to it, and which are unbearable. This approach would ease your search for a life partner and help you to avoid disappointment.

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