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Dec 22 2015 12:57
Why strong women are alone?

Why strong women are alone?

The tendency of the relationships between men and women during the last 10-20 years are the following: more and more successful and strong women are lonely.

As a rule, these are women who had been married and divorced or not
successfully married. However, in 50% of cases there are women with a children.
These women are full of advantages.
Usually, they are successful in their careers, self-confident, well-groomed and beautiful. It is hard to surprise such women and very little to offer. And as a result - they are alone and lonely.

Here appears a question: so, what are the causes of this loneliness of such successful and strong women? Why are they lonely?Could the reason lie in their surrounding?
Maybe there are no decent,good men or they are too busy to build any relationship.
Or maybe they simply have no luck ??
Psychologists and advisers highlight the following reasons why successful
women are usually alone. The most common are:

• Fear of changes. The fear that she will have to change to adapt and to
please a man.  In this case woman thinks that she achieved a lot, so she
doesn't want to adjust to a man. She wants him to change.
• A woman is trying to attract man's attention, showing her strength and
Thus, she basically creates a situation where a man can not express
himself. Such behavior simply ruins their relationship from the very
beginning, nearly in the bud.
You should keep in mind that any man is looking for a woman, but not a
friend or a partner with whom he can have a bottle of beer, watch football
or go fishing.
• One of the best  pieces of advice to women from psychologists and
advice-givers - is to show weakness.
Though a woman in such a situation is driven by fear, the  fear of showing
weakness and lose the position of a "strong woman."
So, what to do?
First of all you need to understand that the relationship - is not a
battlefield, where you definitely have to win.
It is necessary to separate your work and career, where you are a strong
leader and your relationship with the partner. Just imagine it as if it is
a game,where you are a weak and tender woman. So when you are coming home,
you are weak woman, who needs man's help.

There are lots of options how a man can help you, starting from simple repairs or shopping at the store. Learn to ask for help from your boyfriend's side. And make sure that your loving person feels okay and comfortable next to you. When you are at home, forget the phrase "Me myself" or "I'll do it better."  Sure, this game will cause irritation and maybe you'd like to forget it. But it is better to overcome the first
impulse and see what happens next, just for your interest and fun. After a while you will notice that to be weak is even pleasant. And your relationships with the guy change for better.  Because man feels his strenght with such woman,who is not afraid to be weak.

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