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Oct 19 2015 13:48
Starting a conversation with a girl online.

What can be easier than starting a conversation with a girl online?
You sit in a habitual and comfortable atmosphere.
And what could be easier, it seemed? Let us analyze all the details in order.
First thing – this is your profile. And we have already discussed about it in our blog. That is why you should pay attention to the filling in of it.
You shouldn’t start writing messages with so trite and widely used phrases like: “how are you” or “hi, can we get acquainted?” Usually such messages remain unanswered.
First of all you should look into girl’s profile page, find out what she is interested in, at what stage of life she is and is she married or in the relationship.
It is possible that she is not interested in dating or she’s online once a month.
Thereafter you can proceed to online conversation.

Your first message is better to start with a compliment or with a question. Even if the first girl’s answer would be smiley, half of the work is already done and you can go on chatting with her.
To continue conversation you may talk about common interests or hobbies.
The Example:
“Hi! You have really cool photos. You’re so positive and smiling on them, that I cheered up right away.”
“Today I accidentally opened your page and I have a harassing question to you…”(here you can add something, at your own discretion, that you were interested in about this girl)
Continuing the dialogue with a girl it is worth remembering:
Do not talk about your entire life, unhappy relationships and problems at work. It is important to keep the interest in communication.

By asking questions you would help her to get into conversation with you. And in this way you would learn more about her. It will help to get girl talking.

And one more tip for you, - do not come up with superfluous info about yourself. If you start conversation with cheating, so in real communication it would surely come to the surface.

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