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Nov 16 2015 5:47
Skype -is the ideal form of communication for online dating.

Skype communication and our advices.

Skype -is the ideal form of communication for online dating, especially if
you are getting acquainted with a girl or a guy from another country. It
is hard to imagine how couples communicated through letters, phone calls
and meetings just 30 years ago. Now everything is much easier.
Talking to a girl on Skype gives you an opportunity to know her better and
understand her personality, which will make it clear whether to continue
dating or not.
Although there may be some minuses: Skype would never substitute a real
meeting , of course.  And one of the common obstacles can be a language

So what you should take into account talking to a girl on Skype:
• It is necessary to agree about the call beforehand, arrange time and
take into account the time difference.
• You should also find out if a woman has a Skype account. You  should
give her your username, or add her to the list of contacts.
• The language barrier - here you may use an interpreter's help  (but of
course it would look like a date of three )
• The first conversation. To avoid awkward silence and pauses , you should
know in about the interests in advance(read her profile carefully and pay
attention to details).
Try to learn more information about girl's interests to keep the
conversation going. An ideal option is when your interests coincide. If
they don't, you can talk about books, movies, sports and travel. These are
the eternal and best themes.
• Imagine that a conversation on Skype - is a date, so do not forget about
your manners and appearance. Do not sit in your home clothes in front of
the computer. You should wear something nice, which makes you feel
• Location - If you communicate on Skype at home, make sure that you are
not distracted or bothered by relatives and family. It would be a bad
option if you choose a kitchen or a bathroom. A perfect place is your
workplace or recreation area.
• Do not forget about the compliments.
You should definitely emphasize that she looks good and that she has a
good sense of humor or any kind of your observation. Imagine that this is
really a first date.
• Be sure to say goodbye if you really liked the girl. Tell her that you
would like to talk to her once again. The date and time you may consider

The conversation and chatting on Skype help to know the person better, it
really looks like a virtual date.
Our advice is the following: if you really like a girl and you'd like to
meet her for sure, then do not slow down, and organize a real meeting.
Virtual dates can never replace the warmth and joy during the meeting.

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