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Nov 9 2015 14:15
Russian girl names and meanings

Russian girl names and meanings

Russian language belongs to the group of Slavic languages. However, many Russian names are not truly Russian. Primarily, it is connected with the historical events.

Originally, the names were borrowed from Greek language both with Christian religion. Typically, they were related to the people’s characteristics, their features and drawbacks.
Then, under the influence of Christianity, Greek names were supplanted by religious ones.
After the October revolution, many names had ideological character, e.g. Revmir (Revolution of the World).
Later, during the industrialization period there were popular such names as: Rem (Revolution, electrification, mechanization), names of foreign novels: Alfred, Rudolf Arnold; also names, which represented flowers: Lily, Rose and Aster.

Since 1930-s there were more common and popular names for modern Russia such as: Masha, Vladimir, Sergey, Alexander.
And now we would like to publish the list of the most widespread and popular names and their meanings (look down below):

Alyona (Elena) – sunny;
Alina - an alien, stranger;
Alisa – charming;
Alla - selfish;
Albina (Alvin) - "white";
Anastasia – “resurrected”;
Angelina – Angel;
Angela – “Angelic”;
Anna - "Grace";
Antonina / Antonida – Good;
Ariadna – Sleeping;
Arina (from Irina) – peaceful;

Valentina – healthy;
Valeria – strong;
Victoria – “victory”;
Daria / Darius – “the winner”;
Darina - a giver;
Diana –“ divine”;
Dina / Diniya (from the old. Digna) –“faith”;
Eva – the life’s giver;
Ekaterina- pure; virgin;
Elena – “chosen”;
Elizavetta – the one, who honor God;
Zhanna - "gift of God";
Zlata – “golden”;
Zoya - "life";
Inga - Scand. Yngwio - name of the goddess of fertility;
Inessa – serene;
Inna (Rima) - a rough stream;
Irina – peace;
Kristina –“baptized”;
Xenia – alien;
Maia - the goddess of spring;
Margarita - a pearl;
Marina – sea;
Maria / Mar'ya- bitter;
Nadezhda – “hope”;

Natalia / Natalya – native;
Nelly – young;
Oksana (from Xenia) – friendly;
Olga – holy, saint;
Polina – foreteller;
Rima - a Roman woman;
Svetlana – “light”;
Slava – “glory”;
Sophia / Sofia – “wisdom”;
Taisiya - the holy and fond of children;
Tamara - "a fig tree";
Tamil / oppressed - the wistful;
Tatiana – “foundress”;
Yuliana (Yulia, Juliana);
Yana - Sun Goddess.

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