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Oct 26 2015 13:15
Why are the Russians so popular among American men?

The relationship between Russian women and American men is a topic, which is still relevant and popular for about last 20 years. I suggest finding out the secret of popularity of Russian girls and American lads (and vice versa).

Our agency has an experience for more than 20 years in the field of online dating.
Based on our experience, we have made the following conclusions.
So why are the Americans looking for the Russians?
1)Girls from Russia are attractive, well-groomed and good-looking.
Although, some men think that womenís clothes are too bright and expressive, as well as their make-up. Maybe for American society it looks like that, but actually, this affects by a different living environment.
2)Russians like and know how to cook. Family and household activities are very important for them and it is certainly attracts men.
3)Usually, a man for Russian girls is head of the family, which is rarely possible and seen in American families.
4)Russian brides are pleasant companions and friends; they are intelligent, erudite and educated.
Of course, the existing conflicts in Russian and American marriages are inevitable, as well as in any other couples.

Apart from basic differences between couples: the trust matters, different views on every dayís life issues.
Besides, itís worth mentioning about the language barrier (if it exists) and the process of adaptation in another country.
But all of these difficulties take place in the relationship of every couple.
However, the most important thing is an understanding and strong longing to be together and keep from falling apart.
An image of Russian brides is ambiguous.
On one hand, there are lots of positive and good reviews about their thrift, beauty, education and ability to cope with and combine household stuff and kids.
On the other hand, there are a lot of negative feedbacks dealing with frauds concerning Russian beauties.
Even though, I would definitely argue on this matter.
If you got acquainted with a woman on a verified dating website, then your risks are minimal, of course.
In case when you, guys, meet girls on unknown sites Ė then all of the risks and responsibilities lie on your shoulders.
Guys, please, choose only checked and verified dating websites.
And if you are really interested in finding a girl of your dream, you would gain a success for sure.

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