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Sep 4 2015 5:56
Questions to ask a girl.

A lot of men are interested in questions to ask a girl. As a rule, such men have a lack experience with women or may have had a negative experience during a conversation with them. Right questions to ask a girl help you to learn more about the girl, to avoid awkward pause when there is no topic of conversation.

But it should be noticed that it is not necessary to ask one question after another. Sometimes it is better to wait a bit and give the girl a chance to ask questions too. If you do not do it, it will look like an examination in court or an interview.

Best questions to ask a girl:

1.Do you watch TV series?
2.Do you play sports? What kind? How often?
3.Do you believe in true love? Why?
4.What movie can you watch again and again?
5.Do you have a sister or a brother?
6.Do you like dancing?
7.Do you regret anything in your life?
8.What kind of kid were you? Fidgety child or timid girl?
9.Do you like to dream? What are you dreaming about?
10.What has made you laugh during the past week / month?
11.Are you a creative person? Why do you think so? If yes, what or who is your muse?
12.What would you choose- spontaneity or stability?
13.What is more pleasant for you - to give or get gifts?
14.What song would you choose to describe your life?
15.Do you want to learn any foreign language?
16.How do you see your life in 5 years?
17.if you win a million, how will you spend it?
18.What is more important for you - family or career?
19.Do you like children? How would you name your first birth?
20.What is your favorite drink? Do you drink alcohol?
21.Are you happy with your looks or you would like to change something in yourself?
22.Do you like night clubs?
23.What was the best day of your life?
24.Which country do you dream to visit on vacation?
25.What kind of music do you like?
26.What's your favorite movie? What movies are you watching?
27.What do you do in your free time?
28.Which season do you prefer most of all?
29.How many children would you like to have?
30.Can you cook? What exactly?
31.How much time do you spend in social networks? Do you like to meet friends there?
During the first date it is better to focus on the common issues which help you to know key information about her and understand her way of life.

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