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Sep 15 2015 14:58
What attracts men and women in an unequal relationship because of age?

Middle aged men prefer younger women. In our society it is a common situation. What attracts men and women in an unequal relationship because of age? Let’s consider the situation from each part.
Relationship with a younger woman has a favorable effect on a man. Psychologists noticed that men pay more attention to their appearance, do sports regularly. Success in love life is the best cure for the middle - age crisis.

What about women? There is the widespread opinion that relationship with older man is nothing more than a marriage of convenience. It’s not completely true. There is some percent of such marriage but there is a true love too.

Social research shows that the number of unequal matches is growing. In such marriage the woman is young and pretty, the man is wise and experienced. In particular, this is true for a second marriage.

A woman in unequal marriage is looking for:

•Reliability and confidence. She sets heart on the feeling of safety and older man meets the challenge.
•According to the statistics marriages in which a man is older than a woman, are the most robust. The difference of about 10 years allows a man to make compromises and concessions, ignoring petty whims of his wife. Young couples, as a rule, are selfish relative to each other.
•Financial issues. As a rule, an older partner has already actualized himself, is ready for family life, has a certain material base. He also has education and a decent job . And he is able to take care of his young wife and future children.

If the husband is older than his wife by 20 years and more, such a marriage is not successful. As a rule, each partner has an ax to grind: a man wants to renew a sex life, a woman is interested in money.
But remember that there are always exceptions from the rule.

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