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Oct 5 2015 11:46
Men will not get or some mysteries things about women.

Men will not get or some mysteries things about women.
In this article we analyze the most common female problems, which remain a mystery for men.
So, here's our list:

1. Heels.
Undoubtedly, a girl on high-heels looks very nice, elegant and sexy, but sometimes it can be extremely painful.
To wear high heels during a whole day is a feat, truly. Of course, a girl in sneakers or on heels has a completely different look, but sometimes it is not worthy to exhaust yourself.
Especially if it’s not a first date.

2 Ladies’ handbag.
You would, probably, hear or tell a joke about that! And it’s not only men, who laugh at this, but women too.
Everyone knows that a girl’s handbag is a set of things, which should always be near at hand.
But as a matter of fact it is impossible to find there something you need immediately.
Usually, men are obviously wondering how it is possible to pack up so much stuff in such a small purse. So guys, girls should tell you that a woman's handbag is a mystery not only for you, but for us also.

3 Cosmetics.
Make- up is something that is considered to be truly an exciting moment for girls.
The main lack of understanding among guys lies in one question: “Why do all girls have so many cosmetics: a make-up bag, lots of small jars and bottles in the bathroom?”
For comparison, men can use a cosmetic set with only three-five items inside.

4.Ladies’ tears without reason.
It takes place when we’re talking about watching a movie or reading a book. In such a situation men are often get simply confused or embarrassed.

5. A double meaning of words.
Men primarily (by default) don’t understand that you simply wrote back on his message “how are you?”
It is good if a guy understands it by what it means.
However, guys won’t think over about what kind of intonation you pronounced that. Or whether you had it at all! As well as what you really meant texting it.

6. Girls’ being late
This is another mystery. Men can hardly understand why women, waking up at 6 a.m. still manage to be late for work.
I am more than sure that every guy can go on with this list.

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