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Dec 14 2015 11:59
meeting a girl for the first time

Meeting a girl for the first time

If you decided to meet with a girl.
So, if you got acquainted with a girl online and communicate through Skype
for a long time ( for three or more months), there would, probably, occur a
question about meeting with the girl.
What are the options:
• You arrive to her city - this option is the most convenient for a girl
and looks a gentleman-like. But usually this variant is not very comfortable for a man, especially if she lives in the suburbs or outskirts.
• Meeting on a neutral territory. It is the most common one. You set the
appointment, for example, in the capital of the country, where she lives. This option is
convenient, because it is generally of a less cost for a girl and do not require
visa for her. A man, from his side, should  take care about the flight,
visa and housing. This type of meeting is also very popular.
• If you have been communicating with a girl for a really long time and
you are 99% confident in your feelings to each other, then you can venture and
arrange a travelling tour together.
This option for a first meeting can bring you lots of positive emotions
from the travel and a great excitement.
But I need to emphasize, that you can choose this variant if you are certain and
sure in your relationships with your woman or have already met each other
• A meeting, which takes place in the country of man's residence - that is
when you invite a girl to your place. However, this option is hardly
suitable for the first meeting and require additional efforts on organizing it.
And what is more important - is that you have to have the girl's trust.
It is better to invite her to your place if you met each other before.

What questions and matters may occur during the organization of the meeting?
Here are some tips for you:

-Visa. Learn in advance all visa's matters, formalities and prepare all
the documents.

-Security. If a man has serious and good intentions,  it wouldn't cause
difficulties to
provide a copy of his residence or other documents confirming the trip
(especially if
you meet a girl at the neutral territory or invite her to your place)

-Money. It is, probably, one of the major concerns of men: "Should I pay
for a woman's trip?"
We have repeatedly warned you, guys!
In order to avoid frauds and deceits, you should not send your money to
girls to pay for the trip.
Sure, you can buy her a ticket and pay for her staying at
the hotel.  Everything depends on you.
Moreover, you should also decide whether you are ready to bear the
additional costs or whether to pay for the girl's trip. That is how you
should plan your meeting. If the meeting takes place in the country where
the girl lives, then she can easily get to the capital. If there are other
options you should discuss them with her before

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