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Sep 3 2015 20:35
Long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship an important factor regarding the subject of online dating, so in this article we are going to consider how to keep long distance relationship and what they bring.

Features of long distance relationship
Some people check up on their partner and maintain long distance relationships with the help of virtual communication. Others are forced to live far from each other, for example, if the work involves frequent business trips. The main feature of relations apart is that people do not have physical contact. Based on this we can define all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of relationship.

Disadvantages of long distance relationship
Sexual inactivity. Most of the information about the world around us. a man perceives with the help of nonverbal means, i.e facial expressions, gestures, touch. Because of unavailability of all these means in long distance relationship, misunderstandings may arise. Even video conferencing does not give such mutual understanding as physical contact.

Jealousy. When people are a long time away from each other, they may have a feeling of jealousy. Especially if one partner gives a reason for it. Because of the distance people can not fully control each other and often it leads to breakup.

Not all people can express their feelings by means of words. For most of them it is necessary to see the eyes of a beloved one, and even holding hands. Without direct real contact it can easily lead to misunderstandings, for many people.

Advantages of long distance relationship
In your long distance relationship there will be not any daily problems. Dirty socks of your man that lie under his bed will not annoy you, because you will have no idea about it. And during rare meetings, the lovers simply do not pay attention to such trifles.
The ability to save individuality. When people live side-by-side for a long time, they begin to melt into the each other and interact one-on-one. If they rarely see each other, then they have the opportunity to save their individuality.

How to save a relationship
Keep a sense of affinity of souls. Speak with your partner, try to talk upon many subjects. Remember what you have in common, plan for the future. You have to keep a sense that you are the united body.
Do not forget the image of a beloved one, the smell of hair or hands touching, for example. Regularly scour the profiles of each other. All of this will help to compensate for the lack of physical contact.
Communicate as much as possible. Use all available forms of communication. Talk about your feelings, funny incidents. Thus, you will not lose the relation between you.
It can be concluded that long distance relationships are possible, but they should get support from real communication. Only, virtual relationships are usually boring, and sometimes a person begins to look for a romance somewhere closer. Therefore, if you really love somebody, you have to give priority to dialogue in real life.

Long distance relationship advice:
1.Try to communicate not only every day, but several times a day. Since you are far away from each other, it is very important to maintain an emotional connection. You do not have to conduct long and meaningful conversations. Talk about your small achievements and failures, communicate in real time with the help of various messengers, especially if the calls are expensive and cost one a pretty penny. Buy a webcam to communicate face-to-face and see each other. Use all possible services: e-mail, Skype, SMS and so on.

2.Work on your schedule. One of the biggest problems of long distance relations - it's when one of the partners is busier than another. If it is your case, keep communicating. If you are on the side of the unemployed partner, get a new hobby, do some sports or read a new book. It is important to be able to adapt. Also if you live in different countries take into account the difference in time. Donít disturb your partner if he or she sleeps.

3.Trust. It is extremely important to be able to trust. Avoid any temptations. Be honest, you must not lose the trust, which is a basis of any relationship. The best and easiest way to remain faithful is not to be involved in ambiguous situations. Do not be too jealous and suspicious, even if you do not always know what your partner is doing now. Give a partner space, and everything will be fine. Jealousy and distrust? These are the first things that kill long distance relationship.

4.Do not forget about presents and surprises. Use the mail or delivery service. Long distance relationship presents will remind you about each other.

5.Try to meet more often and spend time usefully in order to remember every moment together.

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