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If a woman cries
Feb 16 2016 10:02
If a woman cries - guide for men.

"If a woman cries" - Guide for men

- Firstly you should decide whose woman is crying.
If she is already someone's girlfriend, it would be dangerous to cheer her up. If she is single, you can handle over the situation and do everything to make her smile. So now, if a woman continues to cry,- it becomes quite clear that she is crying from happiness.

- If your woman is crying, do not leave her alone. Because guys might think that she's single and bang over her. Be as close and attentive to her as you only can. Go away on a distance, where her voice would not be heard, but do not let her out of sight - use binoculars.

- There are a number of questions, which you should never ask women in tears (in no-matter-what cases): "What do you want?", "Who is to blame?" or "What should I do?" The answer on the first question would hurt your wallet, and on the last two - your self-esteem.

- In response to women's tears, you do not have anywhere to run, save anyone or punish. Because it would be definitely turned out that there was no need to run back to save someone else, and do everything completely in the opposite way.

- Do not give gifts to weeping women. This is a vicious habit. It is better to give a packet of handkerchiefs. Remember to present gifts to happy girls only. It produced a useful reflex and installation on a nice character.

- If you have done everything according to instructions, however the woman continues to cry and do not leave you for a better guy, so she really needs exactly you to comfort her.

So show her your sad and concerned face. You would have to put the binoculars aside and come a little bit closer.

- It is not necessary to delve or go deep into everything that a crying girl says. The main thing is to sigh in pauses and gently embrace her during making these pauses.

- The greatest stunt here is a released on time tear on your unshaved cheek. In such moments, woman forgets her problems and automatically starts comforting you.

"If a man cries" - Guide for Women

- Be considerate.Pretend not to notice the restrained man's weeping.

- If his weeping is not restrained enough - tap your man on the shoulder, saying, "hey-hey!"

- If a man continues to cry, check his diaper and give him your breast.

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