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Jul 1 2015 21:11
How to talk to girls on the first date?

How to talk to girls? At this articles we’ll give some advice for men what to talk about with a girl.

So what to say to a girl if we have first date or you would like to come to girl on the street?

The first thing we should note is that it is the usual fear as any other, and that getting rid of it can only be through practice. Most likely you have already had the experience, when the girl you refused and then you become less confident.

Do not be so exacting to yourself. Everyone makes some mistakes and the best thing you can do to correct the error. Guilt and fear will not let you a progress.

It's like a job, you're not upset because everyone lost customers? You know that made a mistake and start to fix it. The same situation with the girls. You must continue to meet new girls and believe that you 're lucky, so honing his skills.

Here some advices for you.

1.Every man knows in advance whether he likes a girl, it's evident in the look, a smile. If you see any of the signs, it is safe to approach a girl.

2.Be more natural. It is not necessary to think in advance the conversation to the last detail, or do not get the expected response you look confused.

3.You can simply say that you liked that she had beautiful hair, manicure or something else. This will be enough to start a conversation.

4.Put your goal - just to talk. Never think that you have to learn and do not start a conversation with phrases like: "Ñan you meet?" And so on.

5.You have nothing to lose. If you make the first step to a girl, You always win. Even if you have something not work - do not worry, you will earn experience for the future. And this is - a very necessary thing.

6.Do not be so serious, take it as a game.

What topics are better not to talk about with a girl on first date?

•Do not have too deep discussions, the girls notice it immediately and it does not look natural, and sometimes funny.

•Don’t talk only about yourself.

•Don’t talk about health problems at work, or always talking about money.

•Paying the girl too many compliments, regardless how much you like the girl, suffice to say, "You look good "

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