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Jan 4 2016 15:06
How to make your girlfriend happy.

To make a girl happy, is it possible??

Women are pretty strange creatures: unpredictable, inconsistent, illogical. For a lot of men with their cast-iron logic, it is not clear and understandable.

Yes, it is true. Itís really hard to understand girls.
And it often happens that giving her a gift or saying something nice, she enjoys it and looks very happy.
But repeating the same at the wrong time - she would cry. I am pretty sure that plenty of men experienced the similar thing in their own lives.
Such situations often occur at the beginning of the development of relations, when partners are on the half-way in understanding and getting to know each other.

Here are some useful tips that will help guys to understand how to make a girl happy:

1. You should listen to a girl and, maybe, not always hear. Simply be a careful listener, go along with her talk and ask questions.
Not everything that she said is really what she had meant. And you shouldn't take her words as an immediate call to action.
Perhaps she is simply in a bad mood.
It is more likely, that all she said is not connected to you. And she only needs to speak her thoughts out and somebody to hear her out.
In most cases after such talks girls keep silent for some time and they feel much better. So do not take it personally.

2. Confess in your feelings. Women like it.

3. Trust - is an important component of long-term and strong relationships
If you are together, then trust each other.
Do not waste time on reading each otherís messages on the phone and check the pockets, because it drains and exhausts actually. If there is no trust, it is better to leave than to play Sherlock during a lifetime.

4. Women need confidence in the future.
This includes financial stability, talks about children and plans for the future. It is very important for women.

5. A girl should be confident in her appearance and beauty. And, of course, that she is especially beautiful and sexy for you. So do not skimp on compliments.

6. Gifts. Women love gifts or just some pleasant surprises.
Flowers, candies or going out to a nice restaurant - all these things can be arranged without any special occasions. Show her your care and do these little things from time to time, which will make her happier. It is something that really inspires girls a lot.

Come on, guys! It is not so difficult as it looks at the first sight.
We admit, that it is hard to understand woman's logic and mind.
However, it is necessary to take a couple of proven interesting techniques, which "work" with your woman and repeat them from time to time. Believe me; you will be satisfied with the result.

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