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Sep 1 2015 7:16
How to impress a girl? Most popular ways.

How to impress a girl? Men sometimes do not understand how to do this.

Conduct a cheerful conversation. You do not need to talk to her about books, art or something like that. All you need is to be able to talk to a girl and make sure that the conversation does not bother her. Do not forget ask questions and continue the conversation on her reply.

Pay her compliments. But do not cross the line, otherwise it will be obvious that you are in love with her. Make it a rule to pay one good compliment. She will appreciate it.

Have fun together. Even if you are not boring with her, a cheerful atmosphere will help you to cosy up. If you think that she will not be comfortable doing something funny just with you, then gather a group and invite her. Try to make sure that both of you have fun. At least then it will be a talking point.

Date a girl. Finally, you’ve come to the last stage. You've already talked to the girl and know what she likes. Now all you need to do is to ask her out.

Try to keep to the following rules:
•From time to time pay her compliments about the things she thinks you did not notice. When she comes dressed in a special way, tell her she is really beautiful.
•If for some reason you do not like the girl anymore, tell her about it and in any case do not deceive. The heart wants what it wants.
•Do not ignore her, when you're with your friends. Your friends will always be there, and if at the right moment you will spend time with them, not with the girl, you may miss the boat.
•During the first date the most you can do is to hold her hand. So, you will show that you do not want to let her go, but also you are not going to rush things.
•Feel sure of yourself. Be confident.
•Do not use foul language in her presence. Some girls do not like guys who do it, so do not take the risk.
•Dress with care.

Good luck!

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