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Jun 26 2015 9:10
How to get a girls number.

How to get a girls number, this question disturbs most men. At first you have to be relaxed, remember if she doesn’t give you her number you can survive it. So sit back, because if you are tense and nervous as soon as she feels it and may think that with you that something is wrong. you have to approach a girl and show maximum charm. Establish eye contact, smile and come straight to it , to show what a great guy you are. If you want to continue a conversation with her, you have to make a lasting first impression pretty quickly. Here's how:

1.Be positive. Show her that you are satisfied, that you enjoy what you do and that you like to meet new people. If she sees that you are in harmony with yourself, you will like it, too.

2.Pay all your attention to her. This does not mean that you should always look in her eyes. This means that you need to expand your body to her, clean out your phone and let her know that her words have value for you.

3.Make her laugh. The easiest way to please a girl - a charm her with your wit.

4.Keep talking. Ask a few questions about herself. It should not look like an interview. Ask her what she was doing, what movie she likes or whether she likes her job. Let her see her opinion is important to you.

5.Make sure you are both talking about the same amount of time

6.Pay her a compliment. Needless to say it, tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. It is better to say it with a nice laugh or a striking eye.

7.Make it so that you liked it . Fascinated by her when meeting and carrying a good first impression , you should make sure that she wants to meet with you again. She should not necessarily think that you are the man she was waiting for all her life. She must think, " What a great guy . I would like to know him better ".

8.Do not wait when the topic of conversation to dries out and feel the tension in the air . Ask her phone number when the conversation is in full swing. Even better, if you really liked - ask her out. You can say "I have to go, but I would like to meet with you again"

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