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Aug 25 2015 13:27
How to build a sound relationship or stages of amorousness.

How to build sound relationships? This question arises in pairs when the first phase of euphoria and love has gone. There are some stages of a relationship which the beloved have to come through:
•Period of dating and love or stage of amorousness;
•After it - a period of affection and getting used to one another, also it can be called a period of home;
•And the stage of mature relationship.

Let's consider all relationship stages:
When we fall in love with someone, we often talk about a "magical power", and that draws us on this person. We want to be the one and only for our other half, and it seems that all of our destiny and all the happiness now is in the hands of this person.
Then, when passion comes down a little, there comes an important stage in relationship, but for some reasons most people forget about it. Partly because it seems that we have already known each other, but it is not so. During the first stage of love, we date only with the ideas of each other, but it remotes from reality. And then we begin to see the real character, not only the benefits but also the drawbacks of our beloved one. We become very sensitive and vulnerable to demonstration of differences and otherness to us. It seems that I have been deceived all this time, and now he (she) shows his\her true colors, he (she) does not understand me, I do not like it. The simplest things may start to annoy us, anger will continue to grow and eventually it will come to no good.

And such situations could complicate the relationship and lead to irritation, frustration, frequent quarrels or just distance from one another, and in the end lead to the disappearance of love.
It is important to learn to talk to each other about feelings and problems. Do not sort things out, but namely to talk, to try to hear each other. Talk about what's important to you, what you want and what you expect from a partner, what you like and dislike and so on. This is a difficult step for the couple, but very important.

After all, the relationship only sheds light on our needs, namely: why I need a partner, what I want to get from the relationship and what I can give. We rarely realize it, but the answers to these questions may save a relationship, help to understand ourselves, our needs and role in the relationship.
That is the path to maturity in the relationship and it starts from yourself. After all, only knowing and understanding yourself, you can come to a harmonious relationship in the pair.

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