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Aug 18 2015 13:13
How to break up with a girl.

“How to break up with a girl” is also very popular question after “how to meet a girl”. First of all, you have to ask yourself “should I break up with my girlfriend?” if you are sure that the moment of parting has came then you need to think how to do it in the best way.
If you do not plan to talk with her about your decision to maintain friendly relations, so there are next methods to break up with a girl:
1.How your indifference to her. How to do it? As easy as ABC: do not call, do not text, upstage with her and keep conversations to a minimum. After a while just stop communicate with her at all. She'll understand everything and ask you whether this is the end. And then you can either explain her all the reasons or keep a silent.
2.Also you could break up with your girlfriend personally. You can give her a bit of your mind. But then you should leave. Immediately. It is better to make this conversation as short as possible because a prolonged heart-to-heart talk could turn into a large quarrel that will bring only more hassle.
3.There is also one variant but it is rather old-fashioned – writing a letter. This variant has many advantages: you do not need to tell it to girl’s face, at the same time avoiding an unpleasant conversation and negative emotions.
4.Or you can simply disappear.
There are also some rules if you decide to break up with your girlfriend. The most common mistake of men - to demand back their presents. Don't do it under any circumstances! This will be only an indicator of your bad taste and low level of culture, not manhood. You can pick up presents only when the girl herself wants them back. But even in this case try to convince her that gifts are not re-gifts.
Well, meetings and partings are an integral part of our life. Just do not forget: if you see that this person is not "yours" then do not waste neither your time, nor his. In a perfect world you should talk and explain the reason of leaving. This way you will leave a favorable opinion (even if not immediately) and have a chance for further friendly communication. Good luck!

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