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Dec 4 2015 13:34
How to apologize to a girl. Most popular ways

How to apologize to a girl. Most popular ways.

In any relationship sooner or later comes such a moment, when one of the
partners feels "guilt".
And more often that they are both guilty and both are to blame.
But as a rule, the first to reconcile is the partner who feels guilty
more than his better half.

In theory, that is how it usually happens.
But as practice shows, the first is man to go and make it up.
There are lots of reasons for the quarrels. Let's consider the most common ones:
1. Offense is the most common and spread cause of all quarrels. The fact
is that really often a woman is offended and man asks for forgiveness.
The reason of this kind of argues lies in excessive and extreme women's
emotionality, which is hard for men's understanding . A guy, in the
attempt to find out what is his fault, may lose the thread of the
In this case, it is easier for the man to apologize and did not even find
out the sence of the argument. And it is probably the most reasonable way
out of the situation.
2. Cheating - is a serious misdeed and offense from the partner's side,
which in most cases leads to a break up of relations. In the case of
cheating, if both still want to keep the relationship , they should
discuss the reasons why it happened and to be truly honest about that.
So now you see that flowers won't work here.
3. Roughness. It is a feature that is peculiar to men, usually.
Perhaps a guy is not always notice his rude behavior or words. But this
roughness painfully hurt woman's feelings and her heart.

There are dozens of different ways to make it up with your guy or girl.
Starting with simple - to bring flowers or invite to the restaurant, to
present a toy or confess in love and realize a dream.
Everything depends on your feeling of guilt.

Every couple are going through quarrels and misunderstandings differently.
Some think that it is a useful "thing" , which brings the relationship to
a new level.
Others find that argues give a pungency to relations and help to avoid
Some people would say that quarrels are something extraordinary.
I believe that the argument ,first of all, helps to get to know your
loving person better.
So quarrels are necessary sometimes, as they are also an indication that
lovers are not indifferent to each other.

The main thing you should remember during your argues with each other.
You should avoid:
Do not remember the past, talk only about what happened
Try not to talk of what you may regret in the future.
Do not try to hurt your boyfriend's or girlfriend's feelings more

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