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Aug 20 2015 8:26
Why hobbies are so important for women?

For woman her hobby is very important part of life, which helps to relax, forget about her problems, work or just stop and smell the roses. Once I've noticed that despite the wide variety of hobbies for women most of them still spend their free time watching TV, playing computer games, talking on the phone about the vicissitudes of fate and so on. In my opinion, doing all that stuff you only kill your time, and it does not lead to a healthy lifestyle in any way.
Watching soap operas and reading love stories, which also can be related to women's interests , as a rule, do not bring a good time, rather the opposite. Actually, in a perfect world your pastime may be not only the method of relax but also the source of income.
It is not so complicated to choose your hobby. First of all, you need to listen to your heart. What do you really like to do? What are you interested in? Well, if you can’t answer, the psychologists advise to choose a hobby, basing upon the day job and the features of your character. For example, If you have a confining job, the best way is to choose some active kind of activity.
There are several hobbies you can be interested in:
•making candles
•making soap
•making soft toys
•de blend
•glass painting
•making puppets
•making jewelry
In addition, hobbies include gardening, floristics, interior design, photography, dancing, singing, traveling and so on.
Interestingly, the psychologists recommend to choose such a hobby that could compensate your weak spots. For example, for choleric persons, which can’t drive a nail home it will be useful to choose a pastime that requires perseverance and patience - weaving , embroidery, knitting and so on.
When we grow up and get some profession we can get hung up on it. Even if we like our job, anyway sooner or later there will be emotional burnout. Especially it concerns women, which have frequent feel that there is lack of something in life. We just need to keep in mind that we are all children, and once it becomes clear why everyone should have his toys and hobbies. Yes, it's really vital to switch off from problems and concerns time after time and enjoy to the full the positive energy of creativity.
If you still have no hobby, do not be upset! Just do not stop until you find something that you really like.

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