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Dec 28 2015 8:49
Best gifts for new girlfriend read our advices

It is very easy to choose a present for any girl.

But there's another question: would she like it? There are,certainly, lots of options for you. It can be cosmetics, perfumes, sweets, clothes, something related to her hobbies( which is definitely fun and exciting), jewelry, cars, fur coats and even a holiday trip.
Everything depends on how well you know each other, how close you are and, of course, how much you can spend on your girlfriend(your budget).
The main thing that she liked your gift, because you often can see quite unexpected girl's reaction on your gift.
And i think,that it is something all men have fear for. Because you will never know how girl reacts and if she appreciates it.

How to choose a Christmas gift and to be sure she really liked it.

First of all, you need to think about what she likes beforehand,even if
you know her not so good.
If you are seriously come to the point of choosing a present and treat it
carefully, then in 95% of cases you can count on a positive response.
Though, if you ran to the nearest store before the Christmas party and
bought something...
Her reaction would be corresponding: a nice smile and "thank you." So
think in advance what your girlfriend may like according to her tastes.

Even if you know each other for not so long or just got acquainted
recently, there's a good option to find out what she likes. You can simply
take her to the shopping center. Believe me , she will definitely give you
a hint on what she likes or needs.

If you have a long-distance relationship and you know her for a short time, there's still a way out.
You only need to talk to her about her tastes and likes beforehand. In this case you can use a lot of different sorts of service delivery, which will help you with everything,including the packing. The work of online stores is so good and organized, that you will never have any troubles with it.

So ideas for Christmas gifts girl

1. Cosmetics, perfumes.
Oh yes, all the girls love it, but in choosing a certain type of perfume, you should be careful.
Because it is very hard to predict if it would be suitable and appreciated.
You need to know her really good and be sure that she will like it. Do not focus on spirits so much.
There's a great benefit that almost every well-known brand produces gift perfume sets.
So you can always pick up something for brunettes or blondes.

2. Clothing, underwear.
It is the same story as with the spirits. You should present clothes if you know her size, especially if we talk
about underwear.

3. Hi-Tech.
Yes, of course, any girl will never refuse to have the latest iPhone model. But it is necessary to be careful in choosing of household appliances. As all Russian women still remember the Soviet times, when they were given washing machines, mixers and pans. So, it's not the best

4. Impression - is a perfect gift, especially if you got to know each other recently. It can be some kind of joint activity whether a parachute jump or a masterclass in cooking sweets. It would, certainly, bring you closer.
Moreover, you would spend a really good time. A great gift in my opinion.

5. Travelling or a holiday trip.
Frankly saying, it is not the cheapest variant, but it does not have to be overseas.
It can be a weekend tour to the nearest country or state. It would, surely, leave pleasant memories and positive emotions.

6. If you are absolutely confused in choosing a gift - present flowers and
sweets. All girls like it.

Guys! Just simply choose presents from the bottom of your heart and it
would please your girlfriend!

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