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Jan 11 2016 14:26
Nothing brings people together like an opportunity to spend time together.

Nothing brings people together like an opportunity to spend time together.

For any couple (married and not) it is important to spend time together or have some hobbies, interests in common, no matter what they do.

Spending free time together - is really fun and exciting.

Try to make it in such a way, that the time you spend together is a habit for you.
Psychologists reported that the joint interests or hobbies may have more positive emotions and bring people together getting closer than romantic dates or going out
to the restaurants.

So, here is a list of things you can do together:

1. Visit a master class of any kind: culinary, artistic, pottery, or any other of your choice. The aim of the master class is doing something together.
It will bring you joy for sure!

2. There are plenty things you can and, actually, have to do at home anyways. So cleaning or cooking dinner can be fun time for you both spending at home together.

3. Visit a museum, an exhibition or a theater.

4. Work out. It may be rollers, skating, yoga, cycling in the park, bowling, and fishing.

5. Stay at home. And again, you can stay at home (but not cleaning or cooking) and watch a movie (musical) or collect a puzzle. Some people like to play video games.
But you can also watch your favorite film or any new of your favorite genre.

6. Arrange a weekend trip to the nearest town or go hiking.

7. Go shopping together. Buy something new to each other. It may be something that you've been dreaming of for a long time.

8. Remember your childhood and go to the Luna Park. That would, definitely, bring you a lot of great impressions!
There are also some aqua parks, zoos to go too.

9. Spend a day in silence; take a walk in the park holding hands together. Leave all your gadgets, iPhones(ipads etc.) and Internet. Totally disconnect from the world and stay together.

10. Build up your plans for the future and some common goals, aims. Thus, talking in general, i guess you understand what i meant, making up this list for you both.
It doesn’t really matter what you do or where you go. The main important thing is to spend time together and get closer to each other. The rhythm of nowadays life is getting faster. And with every year we're getting busier with our daily duties and routine stuff, simply forgetting to wish each other a "Good night!".
Spending free time together - is really fun and exciting.

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