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Nov 3 2015 13:38
Free dating sites and commercial dating sites. All ways to find girl.

Russian brides are very popular among American and European men. We have already discussed the reasons of this fact in our previous blog (the link on Russian women and American men)
So let’s discuss which ways of acquaintances exist.

The most widespread, fast and low-cost variant – is dating websites
Free dating sites - are the internet communities, where you sign up and log in.
Then you fill in your profile page, upload photo and afterwards you go in a free floating (in other words –you choose girls and communicate, make friends etc.)
This type (format) of websites and communities is suitable for men, who have plenty of free time.
Usually, they look for girls for communication and entertainment.
On free sites, by the way, some services are usually partially paid. There is another annoying factor - a large number of advertisements. Therefore, if you are looking for a girl for fun – then go for it.

Commercial (chargeable or requiring payment) dating websites.
In our opinion, there is a number of advantages, which are suitable for men:
1.Requiring payment dating sites are a good proof of your serious intention.
One thing - is to flip girls’ profiles on free online communities aimlessly.
And quite another thing, when you pay for services.
In this way you actually confirm your serious intentions and purpose: to find a girl for serious relationships, family or marriage.
2.Time is money.
Commercial dating websites greatly save your time and money. The system is based on the selection of girls by your preferences and personal qualities.
You can always turn to the manager and pick up a girl according to your taste.
Chargeable dating sites guarantee the security of your data.
Thus, the whole Internet network wouldn’t know that you are looking for a girl.
These sites offer access to VIP galleries and girls’ profiles.
They can also help to pick up a girl individually, if it is necessary.
The great advantage is that chargeable sites in 99% of cases contain all information about girls. It is checked thoroughly. And you can request an additional information if necessary.

Commercial website services are varied:
•Providing interpreters’ service
•Video chatting
•Help with selection of gifts
•Meeting arrangements
•Help in processing papers (for marriage or travel)
•Escorting – Company’s managers are always ready to come to an appointment or help you concerning any question.

The benefits of chargeable websites are clear and obvious. Sites help to save time and money, guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and provide needed assistance.
The Internet network is so vast and wide, that you can spend years on many free dating sites having serious intentions, but without an achievement of the desired result.

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