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Jul 14 2015 17:11
How to flirt with a girl over the text.

How to flirt with a girl over the text, this is the question that boys are very interested in and the only way to learn this - start practicing. Flirting is one of the fundamental things in seduction. Knowledge how to flirt gives you more options and capabilities for seduction, and you begin to attract girls much more than before. Flirting is not too complicated basically, but it is in a theory. In practice, like as every skill, it requires practice. There is also can take place a situation when guys cannot understand whether she is flirting with them or not. So, how to understand that a girl is flirting with you? Such examples will be given and we will consider them.
There are some advices how to flirt with a girl:
•To catch the girls's eyes. We constantly scan the eyes of others, sometimes people hold our own view, and some of them distinguish from the crowd. Girls do it just as well, perhaps, even more than boys do. Moreover, sometimes, if you do not hesitate and you are not afraid to interfere with the girl's look, you can "catch" her. Eyes are powerful tools of nonverbal communication. So do not be afraid and do not slow down, if you have noticed the girl, who sometimes beholds you with her eyes, and you have cought her sight, so look into her eyes, keeping your own.
•Smiling girl. When you have noticed that the girl is looking at you and she smiles, you should smile to her. Smile - it is a good way to express one's sympathy. Especially smile in girl's eyes. Therefore, even if she does not like you, just smile at her.
•Do the most nonverbal actions. As you could already see, flirting - that is nonverbal actions. Therefore, to flirt it is important nonverbal action. Winking girls, wave their hand and show approving gesture, smile and do everything that can take place in order to show that it allows you to communicate nonverbally with her.
•Flirt with a positive attitude. Flirting people tend to believe in themselves and they are not afraid to take risks. Do everything with enthusiasm and a positive attitude!
•Do compliments to girls. You should pay a compliment to the girl, if you have noticed something, even if this girl is a stranger. If you like a girl, you should tell her about it. If the girl has a cool style, tell her about it, even if it's not important thing, and you do not like anything else.
•Little jokes. An integral part of the flirt is jokes and light jokes, but only if you know how to do it. If you do not know how - it is better not to joke. To tell the truth, it is desirable if the jokes are good. Nevertheless, be careful with jokes, it is easy to go too far and hurt a person. Therefore, if you jokes, be chery of giving offence.
OK! However, if you are a beginner, how to understand that she is flirting with you.
•She looks at you . Girl " gives someone the eye " like in the movies , and it 's definitely a reason it does. If she has suddenly winked at you, so it is a signal to immediate action!
•She initiates the conversation. She makes the first step in the dialogue, asking for something, asking for a light , " encounters " with you, asks you what about to drink together, asks to open or close something, or she asks for some other actions.
•She smiles at you. When your eyes have met - she smiles. Smile, it's the main feature of openness and girl’s sympathy for the man. If she has a big grin on her face, showing her teeth with a smile - it means that she likes your company certainly.
•She laughs at your jokes. Even if your joke was bad, but your words bring her in a cheerful mood. She laughs at your small manifestations of humor. She opens her mouth, cries and reacts violently with actions- she likes you!
•Step distance. She allows you to be as close as possible to her. In the company she manages to take place near to you. She tries to be in your sight. She manages to get in your way, for example, she watches football on TV with you in the bar.
•She is interested in you. She asks about what you have done last weekend, interested in your hobby, personal life , leisure time and so on. She is speaking with you about your favorite band or something like this. She says that she would like to go to the cinema, exhibition or other place, hinting that you could do it together.

Maybe, she is just friendly with you, and there is no more else. But if you have found many similarities in the behavior of the fair sex , what’s the hell are you still considering rather than drive up to it more thoroughly?

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