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Nov 30 2015 21:38
How to make a girl fall in love in inernet.

How to make a girl fall in love in inernet.

Why is it so easy to fall in love in the Internet?
Each of us (guys and girls) had the experience of online dating in his life
at least once. Have you ever wondered why everything seems easier,
brighter and more interesting in the Internet?
Thus, it is much easier to fall in love.
Let's think and figure out the reason.
1. It is easier to communicate through the network because everything is
much easier. This opinion is shared among many network users. That's
because we can write differently colored expressive words and may predict
the facial expression or tone in the conversation and the person's mood.
After all, in everyday's life just one phrase expressed with a special
tone can have a completely different meaning.

2. We do not notice the drawbacks in appearance.
It is also one of the features, because very often our dissatisfaction
with a partner is due to his or her appearance: uncombed hair, rumpled
clothes , rough manners...etc. This list is endless and everyone has his
own. And of course, talking to a person through the Internet all these
nuances "disappear" automatically.

3. The idealization. Frankly saying ,  we all do idealize  our partners
and give him (her)the qualities that we like. We give a special meaning to
the words and pick up a tender lovely and right intonations.
It is great if this idealization is mutual and coincide .

4. Do not make up a love story beforehand. Many of us, especially girls,
after couple conversations online draw in their minds a romantic love
story,a luxurious and sophisticated wedding, a house on the
seashore,couple kids and a dog.
Do not ever rush the things. Keep all of your romantic love stories in
mind for better times or after a real meeting with your second half.  
Therefore, chatting through the Internet with a man or a woman,you should
watch yourself.
Are you idealizing you boyfriend or girlfriend  too much? If it is so,
then try to be objective.

Do not imagine a perfect  man (girl) without meeting with him(or her).  
In this way you would definitely avoid a bitter disappointment.
But  if your better half exceeds your expectations - it would be a really
pleasant surprise.

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