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Aug 5 2015 18:12
Dating tips for women and girls

Dating tips for women and how to behave on a date.
The most popular places for dating:
•Internet. It’s the opportunity to meet without leaving your home. You can easily find the best dating sites for women and start to find your man. However, it is also necessary to be careful because there are a lot of scams too. To avoid scams and disappointment, it is not necessary after the first chat to assign a date. Talk with the person for sometime, get to know each other better. Only then can you proceed to the next stage - the dating. To learn more about scams - read our recommendations on how to avoid scams.
•There are a lot of places for dating, where you can relax, for example, a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub etc. Usually the atmosphere is free and relaxing there.
•Sport clubs, fitness clubs are great places to explore, because you will achieve common goals and you will have common interests.
•There is a very popular place, but not so comfortable, as for me, a street. If you see that a woman or a man is walking, you can attempt to get acquainted.
Dating rules for women:
1.As a rule, the initiative in the relationship always comes from a man. Now, in the modern world either a man or a woman can make the first step and invite the other on a date. It’s important; a proposal should be tactful and unobtrusive. It can be the invitation for a cup of coffee, to watch a new movie or just to walk along the street, but in any case, not in a nightclub or at a cottage, or at home. A meeting place should be neutral.
2.The appearance of a person is of a great importance, especially on the first date. Your clothes can make a good impression or scare, so do not experiment: you can choose something classic. If your date is successful, you will have time to show all your outfits.
3.A well-mannered person behaves tactfully and knows how to avoid awkward pauses in the conversation. Everyone can learn these manners. On the first date, you have to forget about such things as monologue: your communication should take the form of a conversation. It is not difficult to do, even if your partner is not particularly talkative. There is a simple scheme of a conversation: a phrase + a question + a response + comments + a question ... Following this scheme, you can talk to anyone. Shop assistants often use this scheme in shops. If you use this scheme on the first date too, you’ll see how people will be involved in the conversation.
4.If the meeting takes place in a cafe, restaurant, theater or elsewhere, you have to pay for yourself. Meanwhile, people usually prefer to decide the money question before a date.
5.After the date, the man should escort the woman or call a taxi for her. Well, of course, don’t forget to thank each other for the time spent.

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