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Jun 29 2015 21:01
Dating advice for women.

Dating advice for women or the perfect first date perfect time and the beginning of a new relationship.

As corny as it may sound - by itself, it is probably the best way to ensure that you not only have a good time on a first date, but also receive an invitation for a second date.

So read our best dating advice for women:

1.First date advice for women is appearance and in this case the important thing is not to overdo it . It is not necessary to turn yourself into a face mask, do not overdress "all the best at once should be avoided." Be natural. This will help you in the future, you will not have to wear a mask daily, and you will not disappoint the guy.

2. Intelligence. Needless to say donít turn the date into a monologue. Also refrain talking about problems and failures. On the first date so better to stick to neutral topics- talk about your interests, favorite places, travel, books.

3.Modesty is always appreciated with a woman. On the first date donít aski about income, or talk about his.

4.The most common first date takes place in restaurants or cafes, it is not necessary to order a lot of food or alcohol. Offer to share the expense. Of course, there is an unwritten rule, the tradition - the man pays. But still, offer to share the account will be polite. The most tactful way to do it - to reach for the check when it is brought to the table.

5.Do not discuss ex boyfriends or why you broke up.

6.Do not chase him sms or call after the meeting. In today's world, text messages are an effective means of communication after the meeting, but there are a few rules that everyone should follow . If everything was fine, and you feel that you want to tell him about it, send that evening or the next day, a message. For example, this: "I had a great time, thanks again!". This will be enough. It is not necessary to write to him about that it was the best date in your life or something lift that.

You do not need to be too serious on the first date, the main rule is that you were natural with a new and interesting person.

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