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Jul 20 2015 18:09
Dating a woman with kids, what do men expect?

Dating a woman with kids: what do you need to be ready for, when you meet a woman with child? What are the greatest fears and stereotypes for men that associated with the woman and her kids?
It seems that it was long time ago when women were totally depended on men and suffered from social inequality. Nowdays, beautiful ladies are independent enough, they raise their children, and even they are able to make a career at the same time. However, when it comes to marital status, single divorced man - it is a treasure, but divorced woman with kids - it is an object of empathy, gossips and ridicule. Do these women have a chance to find happiness in a second marriage?
First and foremost, of course, it is money. Restrain new husband, it is one thing, but to have a child of another man - it is already too much. I must say that this is a partial reason that destined by women, who is considering a new husband as a source of income, and not as a lover, partner and friend. Of course, it is difficult for single moms to be blamed for the fact, that they tend to take off at least part of the responsibility for the child, but it always gives rise to a prejudiced attitude to them.
The second common reason that prevents divorcee with children to get married again - this is the so-called people's morale. Just imagine the reaction of relatives and friends of a man, who is going to marry a woman with a child. Friends will discourage, they will say that you can find young and free woman. They will not understand why you want to get this “bondage”. Parents will wail that they want to have their own grandchildren etc., and even cannon shot would not let them to reconcile.
Just very strong in spirit, deeply decent man, that thinking outside the box, can be able to resist the onslaught of the "advisors", and to do as he has decided by heart. Most cowardly men, will retreat, - leave women with deep conviction that "all men – are the same".
Fears and prejudice often prevent building a normal family with divorcee. Men are afraid not to find a common language with your child; they are worried about coming together in everyday matters, and fail to keep a family. Of course, for the man, it is much easier to be a bachelor instead of taking responsibility for woman with a child. Generally, if a man has such thoughts, it is characterized him by its good side. Agree, much worse if the person makes decisions recklessly and fearlessly, and afterward he does not carry out his obligations.
I want to believe, that someone has recognized themselves in the examples, and will be able to correct their behavior. I want to believe that a noble man who can love a woman and her child from a previous marriage, it is not a fictional character. Moreover, I also hope, that a divorced woman, seeking a man for love and care, not for money and solving her problems, - this is not fiction.

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