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Oct 7 2015 15:11
How to attract women in internet?

It is something that we have previously discussed on our blog.
In this article we want to tell you how to make friends with girls online.
Here are some tips on how to attract women.
Let’s start with your profile. It should be filled out in such a way to interest her.
First thing, which draws attention is your photo, of course.

What kind of photos should you have on your profile and in your photo album?

1.The photo on your homepage (profile) should be clear and not blurred or far-distant. A perfect one would be a full height photo of you or a photo where your face is clearly seen.

2.Photo album shouldn’t contain pictures where you embrace other girls.
It is unlikely that a woman would think that you are on the photo with your sister.

3.It is also important to have such photographs, which would show your interests and hobbies. For example – sports, books, fishing, travelling etc.

Secondly, how should you fill in your profile?

Apart from the basic info like sex, age, city and country where you live, you should pay attention to the marital status. If you’re looking for a girl, it is necessary to set “single” or “in search”.
You would have an additional advantage if you indicate your profession, interests and what you’re keen on.
Think about your username (or nickname) in the network.
It shouldn’t be deterrent.
Frankly speaking, it’s inappropriate to use such popular nicknames as «BIG BOSS» or “VIP”, which only alienate.
Filling in the information about the one that you're looking for, it’s better not to mention her special features like “90-60-90”.
And also it is better to avoid a detailed description of her appearance (e.g. “blonde with blue eyes” or “long-legged brunette”), because she’ll probably decide that you’re interested in sex only.
It is better to focus on the personal qualities or traits of character that you like in girls.
Good, the questionnaire is ready and all the data is filled in. Make sure that it’s not too romantic.

And now we proceed to messages.

Have you decided with whom do you want to get acquainted with? What should you write her?
Primarily, view her profile info and find out what she’s interested in, view her friends’ pages.
Perhaps, you’ll find something in common with her. In that case it is easier to start a dialog.

What should be the first message like? What kind of message would attract her?

1.Never write her trite messages, e.g. “Hi, how are you?”, because the answer will be following: “Hi, fine”. And you’ll have to puzzle over what to make up afterwards.
2.It should be brief and informative, but at the same time enjoyable and pleasant.
3.Rouse the interest and curiosity. An excellent technique is to ask her about something (just think over that beforehand using her homepage information)
It is important to have her respond on your first message.
Then I’m sure you may keep the ball rolling.

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